Don't be
another statistic

Bulletproof yourself

10x Stronger

Weight for weight, 40% stronger than Kevlar and 10x stronger than steel.  Superman would be jealous.

40% Lighter

Lighter than the competition.  Lighter than steel.  Lighter than Kevlar.  Nearly half the weigth of the competiton.  5 pounds vs their 8 pounds.

More Value

We make sure your purchase is worth it.  Some of our competition charges 5x the price that we do.  

Executive Bulletproof Concealed Vest - NIJ IIIA Blue Bulletproof Vest - Press or UN - IIIA Standard Police and Security IIIA Vest - Plate Insert Pouches Light Weight Speed Vest - Carrier Rig IIIA Bulletproof Vest for Dogs

Brand new


We're tired of the trash Amazon had for sale. So, we made this!


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